Quiz 2

Quiz 2: Ethics of Identity; Happiness; Justice (Solutions)

Choose the correct answer:

Distributive Justice deals with the distribution of burdens and resources

Choose the correct answer:

Retributive Justice is about just punishment for a crime

John Rawl’s ‘Veil of Ignorance’ principle means:

Being ignorant of one’s class, social and gender status in a thought experiment to distribute the resources of the society

Which of the following is true of ‘Desert-based’ approach of distributive justice:

None of the options

Distributing burdens according to abilities and rewards according to needs is an example of:


Which of the following is not true of Retributive Justice:

Giving disproportionately large punishments to wrongdoers is allowed to stop others from committing a crime

Which of the following is not true of Happiness:

Brain can never be trained into staying in the state of happiness

Which of the following is right description of PERMA:

None of the options

Which of the following is not a part of SPIRE model of Tal Ben Shahar:

Social Well-being

The difference between pleasure and happiness is…

For Matthieu Ricard Pleasure is contingent upon object and happiness is the state of mind

Which of the following is not an important proposition while discussing about ethics of identity…

It does not matter at all what others think about me

Which of the following is a wrong arrangement in the dominated and dominant markers of identity:

Intellectually superior – intellectually inferior

Allowing cheating during the examination is a violation of distributive justice because:

It eliminates the distinction between hardworking and underperforming students

What is true of mind according to Matthieu Ricard:

It is like mirror and reflects whatever input it is given

Why should an instructor not give an “A” grade to all the students if they have not performed:

It discourages effort

Which of the following are true of Desert-Based Principle of Distributive Justice? (More than one answer can be correct):

It rewards value of contribution

Effort should be duly awarded

Minimum Support Price to farmers is justified based on compensation to the cost involved

All the employees should not be paid the same salary as they do not all contribute equally to the growth of the organisation

Tick the correct options:

Thandy Newton considers Self as Projection

We are not born with a religion but have acquired one as a social being

Our perceived cultural identities generally make intellectual and/or behavioural remarks about ourselves

“Fair and Lovely” is an example of sexist attitude of society

Which of the following are not true?

Devdutt Patnaik believes that Indian mythology endorses the idea of absolute good and absolute evil

Matthieu Ricard says that Buddhism is the best religion in the world

Thandy Newton believes that we are born with a Self

Egalitarianism believes in distribution of burdens according to ability and of resources according to need