Teaching Material

Value Education and Ethics (VEE)

Module 1: Ethics in Theory and Practice (Lecture Slides)

Module 2: Ethics of Identity (Reference Material)

Module 3: Happiness (Reference Material)

Module 4: Justice (Reference Material)

Discussion Item: Aks as a reflection on the dual composition of a human person displaying the constant struggle of good and evil.

Mehra, Rakeysh Omprakash. Aks: The Reflection, 2001

Discussion Item: Doctor’s Dilemma

VEE_2019: Mid Term Exam A1 & B1 Batches (Solutions)

Quiz 1: Ethics in Theory and Practice (Solutions)

Quiz 2: Ethics of Identity; Happiness; Justice (Solutions)

VEE_2019: End Term Exam (Solutions)

Ethnic Conflict: Literature and South Asia

Ethnic Conflict-Kashmir: Cultural Cosmopolitanism to Chaos

Solutions_Mid Term Exam_Sept. 2018