Rendezvous with the terrestrial and the transcendental

My Rendezvous begins…

How will it start I knew not,

When and where, why and for whom,

All unknown, to remain forever hidden.

It takes birth finally,

my rendezvous with the Aadi and the Anaadi,

both the terrestrial and the transcendental,

of this world and the beyond.

Could it be otherwise? I think not,

How can one segregate the inseparable,

the conjoined limbs of the Aadi and the Anaadi.

If they exist, they breathe life together,

Or otherwise, give way to a vacuum,

a nothingness that embraces everything,

a Shunya that encompasses both the manifest and the otherwise.

I take a plunge into this mysterious terrain,

to recover what is known,

and to uncover what is yet-to-be-known.

–Narendra Kumar