Decolonial Discourse

Gandhi in Films: A Decolonial Reading Mahatma Gandhi’s relevance has time and again been both contested and reiterated. This half naked-fakir in loincloth, mobilising masses against the British with the magic wand of truth and non-violence, subverting his own and family’s life for the service of the principles and the nation, has come to be… Continue reading Decolonial Discourse


Make Your Chi Smile

Let me begin with the narrative of Okonwo who makes his Chi smile despite being born to destitute childhood and a debt-ridden father with a bad Chi. This tale occurs in Chinua Achebe's 1958 novel Things Fall Apart that delineates the socio-cultural fall of Nigerian Igbo community in the wake of British colonial intervention. Will be updated… Continue reading Make Your Chi Smile


A Rendezvous with the Terrestrial and the Transcendental... How will it start I knew not, When and where, why and for whom, All unknown, to remain forever hidden. It takes birth finally, my rendezvous with the Aadi and the Anaadi, both the terrestrial and the transcendental, of this world and the beyond. Could it be otherwise? I… Continue reading abhyArambha…